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Current leaderboard for this month
  ReplayScore™ 0.57x
  FUNNY ANIME MOMENTS | Dumbbell Nan Kilo    Paul George $876.58
Last Months Winners
  ReplayScore™ 0.67x
  Son House - John The Revelator...    Paul George $876.58
  ReplayScore™ 0.42x
  Mase - Welcome Back (Official Music Vide...    Nova A. Lockhart $626.13
  ReplayScore™ 0.35x
  Frank Ocean - Provider...    Agex Arie $438.29
  ReplayScore™ 0.30x
  Bryson Tiller - Let Em' Know (Lyrics...    Baron Wurst $375.68
  ReplayScore™ 0.29x
  Wale the Sage - Made From Sand (Official...    SlipknotFan 22 $187.84
  ReplayScore™ 0.27x
  Dreamville - BUSSIT feat. Ari Lennox (Of...    Baby Nika $37.57
  ReplayScore™ 0.26x
  Discovering River...    Я осминог $37.57
  ReplayScore™ 0.23x
  fujifreestyle...    jacklyn sarah $37.57
  ReplayScore™ 0.23x
  Bea Miller - song like you (official vid...    권효영 $37.57
  ReplayScore™ 0.22x
  PARTYNEXTDOOR - R e s e n t m e n t (Off...    irisjoy! $37.57
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